Vote for DA Candidate, Jill Humphreys, for Ward 20

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Jill Humphreys

Ward: Ward 20, Ekurhuleni

My name is Jill Humphreys, and I am the Democratic Alliance Ward 20 Candidate in Ekurhuleni.

I am passionate about my community, and it has been an honour and a privilege to serve the residents of Ward 20. It is for this reason why I am standing as a candidate for the ward.

During my time as Ward Councillor, I have uncovered the following issues in the ward:

· Property Valuation debacle — residents need constant updates and protection

· Reinstatements of water repairs are not done

· Parks department completely dysfunctional — no tree trimming, minimal grass cutting, weeds on verges and everywhere

· Firemen’s Cottages in a terrible mess

· Nowhere to accommodate the homeless or mentally disturbed or drug addicts

· Waterways contaminated with sewerage

I have been driving most of these issues, but I property valuations, reinstatement of water repairs and sewer blockages will be my top priority.

My vision for the ward is to see better management of sewerage and water issues, off the grid electricity options and building compliance because the City’s infrastructure cannot absorb any further densification without upgrades.

I have been successful in engaging with the community effectively through various forms of communication and platforms. I have a FB Page with over 18k DA supporters, and I run an array of Service Delivery Groups on both WhatsApp and Telegram — where residents can report service delivery issues.

It is important to me that residents feel HEARD. Whether or not I am able to resolve issues, I will always talk to them and do everything possible to resolve issues. I believe that all residents should receive the best possible services and no community should be neglected.

Media Enquiries

Jill Humphreys

082 450 0128

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