Vote for DA Candidate, Carolana Marais, for Ward 43

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Carolana Marais

Ward: Ward 43, Ekurhuleni

My name is Carolana Marais, and I am the Democratic Alliance (DA) ward candidate for Ward 43.

As the DA Ward Candidate for Ward 43 in Ekurhuleni, I am ready to serve the community one again. In the upcoming term, I will endeavour to get services delivered to the community. Through engagements with the communities, I will strive to have a mobile clinic in Windmill Park and fight for safer communities. Leeuwpoort Development remains a top priority going into the new term.

Being on the ground, water and power outages continue to plague our community. Resolving these service delivery challenges will be a priority for me.

As the current ward councillor, I have established a weekly soup kitchen in Windmill Park and skills development programmes for Women and Children, as well as initiated clean-up campaigns addressing the waste issue throughout the ward.

I am serious about getting things done and making a difference through hard work and humility.

Our community deserves a government that wants to get things done. Together, we can make a difference and create a safe, sustainable environment for all.

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Carolana Marais




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