Vote for DA Candidate, Brandon Pretorius, for Ward 97

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Brandon Pretorius

Ward: Ward 97, Ekurhuleni

My name is Brandon Pretorius, and I am the Democratic Alliance Ward 97 Candidate in Ekurhuleni.

I have been the DA-elected ward councillor for this ward for the last five years and prided myself on working hard and engaging with the community to get services delivered.

Unfortunately, ward 97 faces tremendous service delivery challenges, due to the failing ANC and coalition administration. Street lights are non-functional, constant power outages grip the ward, while blocked sewerage has become the norm. This is due to the lack of maintenance and the general collapse of services.

If re-elected I want to fight to bring back services to the Brakpan. The DA gets things done. Residents of the ward do not want anything extra-ordinary, they just want the basics to be done and get value for services they’re paying for.

Some of the big issues I will be tackling is the Plastic City and its surroundings as well as the Jan Smuts Dam as a longer-term issue. I do believe the only way to have these matters permanently resolved is to have a DA government in Ekurhuleni.

Continuing to inform residents, I will be utilising social media platforms to provide residents with weekly feedback sessions.

It is time for change. Your vote could be the difference between an ANC administration or a DA-led administration. Vote DA to get things done!

Media Enquiries

Brandon Pretorius

083 308 7821

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