Vote DA Candidate, Ashley Hoods, for Ward 33

Ward Candidate Profile

Name: Ashley Hoods

Ward: Ward 33, Ekurhuleni

My name is Ashley Hoods and I’m the Democratic Alliance (DA) ward candidate for Ward 33.

I believe that the DA is the only party that can bring the change and good governance needed to turn the failing City of Ekurhuleni around.

Our communities are crying for services and it’s time for a capable government that can deliver. It is for this reason why I am standing for the DA as the candidate.

I believe in community consultation and engagement. I strive to have issues identified resolved speedily. My vision for Ward 33 is to stop the rot and collapse of our infrastructure. We need to fight to restore our area to its former glory. I want to fight for a clean, safe and liveable environment.

Currently, the issues I’ve identified in the ward are rampant power outages, this is caused by cable theft and aging electrical infrastructure. Street light maintenance, storm water maintenance and roads are collapsing. It is time for change. The DA gets things done.

The residents and community of ward 33 shouldn’t have to put up with failing infrastructure and collapsing services. It is time for change, a vote for the DA is a vote to restore service delivery.

Media Enquiries

Ashley Hoods


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